Thursday, 31 March 2011

When in France

Slow Food
Discovered on a walk in France with my mother and one of my sisters. I took a video, too, but figured there wasn't enough action in it. I was going to use the title food, but my sister came up with slow food. Apt. Better.

I haven't seen or done everything here, but food, family, and friends seem to be an integral part to everyday life. I love it.

Who we spend our time with has a great impact on how we think of ourselves and how we act. To look after ourselves, we need to spend time with people whose lifestyle we value, and expand our horizons with travel. Travel anywhere.

I saw the snail, but didn't eat it. I've also seen stinging nettles and dandelions by the Boulzane River but haven't eaten them either! Choices, choices. I did try salted caramels however. Nothing like it. Yum.

My life is yum because of my choices. I'm also holidaying in France at the moment. Yum.

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