Sunday, 22 May 2016

Inquiry.... and data

This is a longish post as I wrangle with stuff.

  1. My sister has lost 14 kg. She observed that while travelling on an international flight that it was 500% easier since she weighed less. She provided the data, by the way.
  2. I have a Fitbit. I noticed that I am way more powerful on days that I have 7+ hours sleep. I am OK with less than that, but powerful or effective is so much more fun.
Could this be a family thing? Or is it more of a human thing?

How come we only had those 'aha' moments when we experienced them, not when we read about them? 


But I am going to assert that to be our best and biggest selves, it is a worthwhile venture to be in constant inquiry about ourselves.... and collect data.

The intention being to have 'aha' moments and put in place new actions, not to whip ourselves about the old stuff.

Collect data and do things differently if you want a different outcome.

Sunday, 1 May 2016

Camembert à la Brighton, Queensland terroir

The curds and whey turned into camembert.

The curds got emptied into a mould.

The whey got drunk, put into pikelets, mixed with Whitey the greyhound's food, helped to start the kimchi, and more.

The cheese got brined after upending the mould several times over approximately 8 hours.

It was ready to put into special cheese paper that allows the typical white mould to develop on the outside of the camembert.

Don't just move the cheese, share it.

5 weeks maturation brings it to May 17th.....

Gelatine bonus

Apparently Australia is having difficulty getting the hydrolysate version of collagen. 

It's the version of collagen that doesn't gel.

Luckily I can still easily get IQS's gelatin. Not the hydrolysate.

And the bonus is, that if for some really weird reason I don't get to drink all my coffee before work, I can put it in the fridge and I get a nice jelly for afternoon tea.

Check out this link for more info on food, gelatin, collagen. It is not referenced, but use it as a starter.

IQS stands for I Quit Sugar. 
I still add sugar to my coffee.
However I use IQS brand gelatine. 

One tablespoon in
200 mL cup of brewed coffee 

where 100 mL is milk.
Mix the gelatin in a tablespoon of cold water
in your coffee cup first. 

Add the warmed milk. Stir.
Add the freshly brewed coffee shot.
Drink some hot.
Store some in the fridge for an afternoon tea
jelly protein snack. Soft and wobbly and tasty.

Cook once.
Eat twice.