Thursday, 28 November 2013

Double unders.... Skipping

The tip.
You may not be able to do EVERYTHING that you admire, but it probably precedes some change for you.
The itch and the scratch.

Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Wild Passion & Deep Intimacy

Michaela Boehm's Workshop

Number 6 ... YEOW! I can feel it already!

Feed your soul.

My personal favourite would be to have the food table as the sacred space. IKEA have brilliant fabrics to make tablecloths from.

1. Define the Purpose of Your Relationship
2. Discover Your Natural Sexual Essence
3. Practice Offering Your Essence as a Gift
4. Relax
5. Breathe

6. Use Eye Contact to Open
7. Connect Heart to Heart
8. Expand Your Repertoire
9. Be Adventurous
10. Create a Sacred Space

Each point expanded here...

Not IKEA fabric...
A ridgey didge old school original tablecloth.

As my year 10 science teacher said, "Read widely. And read some more."
You never know where your most beneficial influences are going to come from.

Industrial strength

Dennis from Blue Steel Agencies is a whizz.

This pic is not very flattering, but I couldn't resist. It is stainless steel made in one unit - benchtop, sink, and splash backs. Beautiful.

Blue Steel Agencies +61 7 3205 1551

I can't wait to prep food like this on it!

Go and write your shopping list:
  1. Ready to eat avocado (Press the pointy end ever so slightly. It should feel softish).
  2. Red capsicum.
  3. English spinach leaves.
  4. Tuna slices in oil with chilli, drained and chilli flicked out (Aldi's brand is tasty).
  5. Lemon to squeeze half of over the plate of food as a tangy dressing.
  6. Sea salt, freshly ground, lightly sprinkled, optional.
*You've got all bases covered in this simple feed - protein, unprocessed carbohydrates from vegetables, essential fatty acids from avocado.

Food is much more complex than 'just protein' etc, but this is one way to make every meal a good feed.