Thursday, 31 March 2011

When in France

Slow Food
Discovered on a walk in France with my mother and one of my sisters. I took a video, too, but figured there wasn't enough action in it. I was going to use the title food, but my sister came up with slow food. Apt. Better.

I haven't seen or done everything here, but food, family, and friends seem to be an integral part to everyday life. I love it.

Who we spend our time with has a great impact on how we think of ourselves and how we act. To look after ourselves, we need to spend time with people whose lifestyle we value, and expand our horizons with travel. Travel anywhere.

I saw the snail, but didn't eat it. I've also seen stinging nettles and dandelions by the Boulzane River but haven't eaten them either! Choices, choices. I did try salted caramels however. Nothing like it. Yum.

My life is yum because of my choices. I'm also holidaying in France at the moment. Yum.

Sunday, 13 March 2011

Retreat = Advance in some cases

Bien ĂȘtre - 'good to be'
Why choose anything else?

Find yourself; know yourself
Love yourself; love the skin you're in
Be well; maximise your potential
Bien ĂȘtre - 'good to be'
Definitely not the same as 'to be good' 

Bubbles and Choc Truffles
The Pyrenees
Mountain streams
the village community
your own down time

and more to come

Now that's well fed.

Every day is a good day

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I was just trying this out and didn't want to take too long. I'm not really into country. Really I'm not.

And apologies to my niece and partner for not asking permission. They would never have allowed my choice of music.

Every day IS a good day. Why choose anything else. (No. It's not a question)

Tuesday, 1 March 2011

ish & self

One of my sisters was a bit concerned that she was being selfish about something.

It made me think that we have to lose the word selfish.

There is no approximation about it.

We NEED to be VERY self to look after ourselves.


If I had another son, I'd call him Ulf.

I caught the last 15 minutes of a Danish movie that had a very satisfactory ending in a similar vein to Shawshank Redemption.

Cool, calm and collected payback.

Maybe it's not the payback I admire.

Maybe it's the focussed, persistence to get what they really want.

Anyway, Ulf seems to meet all those criteria.

I hope I have a grandson called Ulf.


'True friends stab you in the front'
 Oscar Wilde