Snowshoeing Adventures

The inaugural trip is scheduled for 

13 December 2016 to 17 December 2017

Gérardmer, Lorraine, France.

The aim is to gather a community of people drawn together by the sound of the trip and the possibility of....




Paris isn't all of France.
Summer hasn't got it all.
Nor have the Alps.

This little trip of four weeks is for those who want something different.

It's for those willing to meet other people on the same adventure, but who probably are not like-minded.

Expect the unexpected.

But since the group would be doing some activities together, the expectation would be that the community members would be able to be responsible for their communication and their way of being.

Not every minute will be spent together as a group. There will be plenty of time for individual activities.

See the Facebook page for updates.

Lorraine Tourist Bureau Photo

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