Saturday, 22 August 2015

Merging blogs is like moving house.... you gotta clean out the junk

or persistence?

Since the merge was not happening as it was supposed to, I took another look at the blogs.

There was a lot of stuff I wasn't using any more. Junk in fact.

I culled, simplified, became minimalist.

And then merged.

It worked. I now have one blog.

The tip?
Reflect on my direction, the holy-crap-yeah-I-want-to-do/be/have that stuff....and re-home everything else.

Reflect, Re-purpose, Re-home

Maximum harmony

Maximum harmony - at peace with who you are. The foundation. The core. Your essence.

I did a road trip from Melbourne, Victoria, Australia to Brisbane, Queensland after the trip to France. 

It is amazing what you learn when you totally expect to learn something else.

The tip?
When in new places, take time to breathe it in as well as drink it in.
Turn off your thoughts.
Just breathe.
And eat well.
Picked from my garden.... cherry toms, wheat grass, garlic chives, French tarragon.

Merging Blogger blogs ain't that simple


I want to merge my Blogger blogs and there is a glitch is all I can say.

I follow the steps. Yes I do.

And the little pixies just won't merge. That goddam circle just keeps whirring around telling me it's writing the posts.

But it is not. No. No. No. It is not


Does anyone know a Google Blogger blog expert?

The tip?
Asking for help doesn't mean you can tell where the answer's going to come from, but it may not come at all if you DON'T ask.

Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Gym Rats & Bookworms.... inspired by Alexandra Franzen.... & Turkish coffee blurt

Yes, yes. My favourite feed.

We get fed in many ways. Well, maybe it's just that I get fed in many ways.

Just back from Turkey. Man that is some fine, smooth, flavoursome food on offer. Loved IT.

I didn't like the taste of the coffee though. However I loved the process of making it. I've adopted it and created a new ritual.

Use everything that you love in your life to create rituals to keep you fed. See how Alexandra Franzen uses books to keep fit so that she can feed herself.

Silver lined, bronze handled, copper
coffee making utensil from Turkey.... a cezve