Tuesday, 16 May 2017

You can love anyone

I'm sick. Got a cold.

Out with the old. In with the new. That's the adage.

Between bouts of bed and the toilet I see around me so much stuff that was absolutely necessary at the time. And now I don't know what to do with it.

Now I want to travel and run a cafe in a foreign country and run an English school there, too. So the stuff's got to go somewhere.

The massive insight for me is that I want to do the new venture with a partner, not alone. Massive insight. I want to do the new venture with a partner. I'm done with solo.

My current meal partner
If you can love anyone, who do you choose? Who's my partner?

The 36 questions in the link are meant to accelerate closeness. The questions are followed by looking into each other's eyes for four minutes. Not two. Four. Two's terrifying, but that's not enough!

The links on the New York Times' webpage lead you to a podcast and readers who have been inspired by the 36 questions.

Now I just have to pick my mark.

Action is the only way forward.

Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Social context is the biggest driver for our health - Dr Mark Hyman

Another Marie Forleo interview....

With Mark Hyman, a Functional Medicine doctor.


Functional Medicine looks at the body as a whole organism, a system, not just at each individual organ, such as the heart, kidneys, skin, etc.

Mark asserts that so-called non communicable diseases are actually communicated through social networks.

After the interview, on Marie Forleo's website, I posted the following comment:

Web link

Tuesday, 10 January 2017

A local caf

Change of plans. It's a study day. Heavyish snow fall. A day for the birds.

For the birds.
It was snowing heavyishly.

The croissant and coffee at a local caf will have to wait.

I do so want one. A local caf. 

My place to contribute to others accomplishing their dreams and revolutions.

A place to hold others only as capable. As performers. People of action.

But then my Pilates studio can do that too.

Because in the France that I see, a coffee is about how big you want it black. Ristretto. Espresso. Lungo. Americano.

I think I could get a machine to do that in my studio.

Forget milk. Soy. Almond. Skinny. Frothy. Not frothy. Half strength. In a glass. A paper cup.... 

Focus on people, Pilates, revolutions.

I love the clean lines of that. I think I've lost weight, simply from having my coffee black.

Boulangerie & caf ahead.
Unintentional payoff. 

Easy to do because the coffee is simply delicious in GĂ©rardmer, France, no matter where I go.

Sounds like more research coming up.

Here's a story about the café culture in France, well I think Paris, but interesting anyway. And here's the link to the café that the story refers to.

Sylvie the mountain accompagnatrice
from Sens-a-Sons in the middle.
We were almost at the top of Le Hohneck.
The view from the top was magnificent.
It was too cloudy to clearly see to Switzerland,
but Germany could be spotted.
My phone battery got too cold so I could
not get photos. Drats. You've really
got to be there in real life, though.

You've really got to be there in real life.

Wednesday, 4 January 2017


Can I live on the ground floor of my son's house? 

How can I get my lakehouse in GĂ©rardmer, France?

What are my plans for today? (In GĂ©rardmer France, not Brisbane Australia)

How come I'm only getting a message now that my mobile phone's international travel pack has kicked in? I've been making calls since yesterday! Eeek. What rate have I been paying for that?

Why didn't I get 100% on that exam? It should have been 100. What the hell did I get wrong then? Man, maybe I'll never know this stuff. (I got 83%)

Scourers should really have been provided in this accommodation you know. I mean look at that soap scum on the shower tiles. Should I buy a scourer? Why should I buy a scourer? There's still splotches of paint on the tiles. No-one has ever scoured those tiles.

And on it goes. My mind.

All the while I am being grounded by cooking a hearty dish. 
A dish for my heart. 
Take heart. 
Canned food. Marrons à la forestière.
But boy does it add something
to my standby lentil boeuf haché dish.

Sometimes canned foods are OK, even necessary.


My heart was thumping with fear, I supposed. It was thumping anyway.

The thought.... go to London for the last weekend in France. 

It was beginning to get cold.
The north side of Lac GĂ©rardmer.
The more natural side. You can circuit
the whole lake, and even take detours
into the well signed paths in the forest.
Yep. My trip was all about France and snow. I resisted anything else. Any suggestion. It was just people telling me what to do and discounting the outrageous and unstoppable human being I already was. In my own safe way.

Studying. Learning anything. Travelling solo. Making my way in a new town. Looking at property to buy. All easy for me.

So when I noticed the thumping heart, I thought I might just have to choose London for my last weekend in France. 

What if it was excitement and I just didn't recognise it?

Do I need to know what it is?

I will expand. I know that.

The postie still rides a motorised
pedal bicycle to deliver the mail
in snowy weather.
Choose something.
And love it.
Create love.

It will snow eventually.

Getting out amongst it.
This was melted by nightfall.

Kick-ass serious-kind
keep-the-feet-warm boots.

Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Nothing is futile

The truth about your calling with Seth Godin and Marie Forleo. https://youtu.be/AtfvZ_KOiZY

Homewares shop window in Munster, France.
Possibly buying stuff instead of doing stuff may be futile.

Be who you want to be in the world.
And the actions fall into place.
To get what you want.

The answer's not in the fridge.
The answer's not in homeware shops.

Saturday, 31 December 2016

Cash is king.... supposedly

Cash is king in France they say.... on all about France websites.

Well I have 35 euros for 19 days left of travel.

My flea market & fresh food market samplings are halted.... well just until I can access my cash!! Action & more action.

Coffee & Croissant.
1 euro.
Super U.
Supermarket shopping with credit card is easy as, of course.
And I can get a ristretto and croissant for 1 euro.

But that's not the point.

So I had an indoors day working out how to work it out.

And working out how to earn an income when I live here.

Another great day.

Every day's a great day, if you make it so.

Vosgiennes cows. Mwuh.

Leffe Blond stubby holder.

The temperature. It called for the
supersize Korean 'feather doona coat'
on my morning walk.
Keeping the weight down in
the day pack. Emergency
supply only. Toilets are few
and VERY far between.
Quite ridiculous.
I've let the mairies know.

Very cute, but I prefer the multi-level homes.
Now this is a home.
Leroy real estate agent.