Thursday, 25 April 2013

Motivation v Consistency

I just decided to not be a chocoholic any more.

Just like that.

How brilliant is that?!!

I really can do it.

I did it.

I'm not a chocoholic anymore.

I think the trigger was when a colleague described me to a new staff member. Now I like to think of myself as many things, but I didn't get off on the fact that chocoholic was the first thing that came to her mind!

Within hours of this decision, I saw an ad for Michelle Bridges' book, Losing the Last 5 Kilos: your kick-arse guide to looking and feeling fantastic. I bought it.

Page 35 got the sticky note bookmark. She compares motivation and consistency.



She has a special term to remind her of the steady, relentless action to see a journey to its end - the action of being consistent.

She talks about JFDI!. Just _ Do It! The exclamation mark is mine!

So what will you JFD this day? What's been getting up your nose about yourself for too long?

Put a JFDI! sticky note on your computer for a giggle and JFDI!

1 comment:

  1. I have since read something that triggered me to think of cakes and other sweets as heroin. I can easily not do heroin, so, by extension, I'm thinking I won't do cakes and sweeties. I'm not ready to give up chocolate though. It's just that I'm not a chocoholic. Any. More. Still. Yay.