Friday, 11 October 2013


I suffered verbal abuse at work and I'M GRATEFUL.

A very caps lock italics moment.

A consequence of that abuse has been a link back to my passion. 

An intersection of a couple of passions really... a good feed and travel.

Not really original, right?

I'm 53, Australian, female and I have those passions. Still not original?

It doesn't matter. It's all about following your own passion. 

And you can really only do that if you have a good feed under your belt.

That's where the Odyssey comes in. Go back to the definition above, especially the dot point.

South Korea, South of France and, ALL of Italy. In a Peugeot 505 station wagon. Collecting favourite feeds.

Bring it on.

What's your passion?

If you were to live to 150 years old, what is it that you would start to do tomorrow? Today? Right now? Let me know. Add a comment below. 

Disclaimer: There may be variations on this theme over the next couple of years of saving the $!!

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