Wednesday, 4 January 2017


Can I live on the ground floor of my son's house? 

How can I get my lakehouse in Gérardmer, France?

What are my plans for today? (In Gérardmer France, not Brisbane Australia)

How come I'm only getting a message now that my mobile phone's international travel pack has kicked in? I've been making calls since yesterday! Eeek. What rate have I been paying for that?

Why didn't I get 100% on that exam? It should have been 100. What the hell did I get wrong then? Man, maybe I'll never know this stuff. (I got 83%)

Scourers should really have been provided in this accommodation you know. I mean look at that soap scum on the shower tiles. Should I buy a scourer? Why should I buy a scourer? There's still splotches of paint on the tiles. No-one has ever scoured those tiles.

And on it goes. My mind.

All the while I am being grounded by cooking a hearty dish. 
A dish for my heart. 
Take heart. 
Canned food. Marrons à la forestière.
But boy does it add something
to my standby lentil boeuf haché dish.

Sometimes canned foods are OK, even necessary.

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