Wednesday, 4 January 2017


My heart was thumping with fear, I supposed. It was thumping anyway.

The thought.... go to London for the last weekend in France. 

It was beginning to get cold.
The north side of Lac Gérardmer.
The more natural side. You can circuit
the whole lake, and even take detours
into the well signed paths in the forest.
Yep. My trip was all about France and snow. I resisted anything else. Any suggestion. It was just people telling me what to do and discounting the outrageous and unstoppable human being I already was. In my own safe way.

Studying. Learning anything. Travelling solo. Making my way in a new town. Looking at property to buy. All easy for me.

So when I noticed the thumping heart, I thought I might just have to choose London for my last weekend in France. 

What if it was excitement and I just didn't recognise it?

Do I need to know what it is?

I will expand. I know that.

The postie still rides a motorised
pedal bicycle to deliver the mail
in snowy weather.
Choose something.
And love it.
Create love.

It will snow eventually.

Getting out amongst it.
This was melted by nightfall.

Kick-ass serious-kind
keep-the-feet-warm boots.

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