Friday, 29 January 2016

Protein kick gellies & marshmallow

In a random act of kindness, my second youngest sister gave me Sarah Wilson's Simplicious.

It is a book of food. The eating. The making. The sustainability of doing it all.

It is me, on the next level or sixty. It has inspired me to be a week without eating out, nor having coffee out.

Turns out I lost a kilo. Amaaaazing. I wanted to feel like my digestion was clean. It did.

I was aided by the yumminess of the natural protein kick gellies.

Gelatin(e) is 88% pure protein. Sources vary widely, but food gelatine's density is about 1 g/mL.

So in my cup of fruit & coconut milk I have added about 32g protein. I erred on the side of caution and used a figure of 80% pure protein in the calculation.

In my case, this is purrrrfect to snack on after work or the gym.

If I haven't used a fat in the fruit mix, I'll eat the gel with 12 or so almonds or macadamias.

Blueberry and coconut milk:
gelled with Sarah Wilson's
pasture fed cows' gelatine (gelatin)
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You could try this marshmallow recipe with Sarah's gelatine, too.
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