Wednesday, 20 January 2016

The Law of Conservation of Money Energy

The latte factor. The place where the little bits of my money go.... often. 

Thereby making it trickier to get what I REALLY want. 

I definitely want the ristretto or small mocha at the time. And I know it's a want, not a need. Captain obvious, but I'm not gonna die if I don't get it. 

So when I heard the term The Latte Factor, coined by David Bach on Marie Forleo TV, it struck a chord with me. It's the trigger I NEED to keep on track with where I want my energy to go. 

And money is just a form of energy. It can only be transferred or transformed. 

One place I prefer to channel the energy is into growing my own food.

Yummy homegrown figs.
A critter helped itself to one of them, but I still got plenty.

The tip?
Spend less than you earn.
Earn more than you earn.
Be aware.
Be very aware
of what you want.

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