Saturday, 2 January 2016

Sometimes I can't help giving advice. Sorry about that!

I've been thinking about you and the speeding fine. 165 km/h. Speed limit.... 70 km/h. 

Not insignificant.

If you are not happy with your life situation, instead of keeping on doing the same thing, do something different to get a different outcome. 

Go talk to someone to get different words and ideas in your head that lead you to do positive things that do not hurt people, including yourself, or property. 

There is no need to BLAME anyone or complain.

You need to assess your situation as it is now, right this minute, and go from there. 

Go to a life situation that YOU desire. 

Get a mentor from Headspace for example. 

But go and get help to achieve your goals. 

The ONLY person you can change is YOURSELF.

If you're happy with your life situation, you can ignore this message of course.


Posted while at Eclectea after a ristretto and chocolate brioche.

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