Saturday, 31 December 2016

Cash is king.... supposedly

Cash is king in France they say.... on all about France websites.

Well I have 35 euros for 19 days left of travel.

My flea market & fresh food market samplings are halted.... well just until I can access my cash!! Action & more action.

Coffee & Croissant.
1 euro.
Super U.
Supermarket shopping with credit card is easy as, of course.
And I can get a ristretto and croissant for 1 euro.

But that's not the point.

So I had an indoors day working out how to work it out.

And working out how to earn an income when I live here.

Another great day.

Every day's a great day, if you make it so.

Vosgiennes cows. Mwuh.

Leffe Blond stubby holder.

The temperature. It called for the
supersize Korean 'feather doona coat'
on my morning walk.
Keeping the weight down in
the day pack. Emergency
supply only. Toilets are few
and VERY far between.
Quite ridiculous.
I've let the mairies know.

Very cute, but I prefer the multi-level homes.
Now this is a home.
Leroy real estate agent.

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