Friday, 23 December 2016

Biathlon discovery at last

Sylvie Triboulot introduced me to this sport at Les Bas-Rupts, Gérardmer, France.

Fun and rough and therapeutic somehow. 
This is a screen shot of Sylvie's 
Sens-a-Son-Nature website.

After the biathlon session, I actually voluntarily entered a forest on my own, with verbal directions only. Outrageous (for me).

I made it to nearby the destination, but that was plenty good enough.

I left home (Annie & Jean-Claude's Airbnb) at 08:40 and did not return until 14:30. All on foot, with the two hour biathlon stint in the middle. 

According to the FitBit data, that's 24,000 steps, 2000 calories, 16 kilometres and 131 floors.

You only live once as far as I know so make sure you come home completely empty just from being in the day.

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