Monday, 19 December 2016

The Bambi Ritual

Walk done & new ritual begins.

Gérardmer, France. My new home.

Leffe Blond comes in a 250 mL size here. This Belgian wheat beer has 6.6% alcohol content, so one cup is enough for moi.

Just to prove that the weather
is cold enough
to start freezing 
the water bodies.

Sit outside and wait for Bambi is the new ritual. 

I was told on my first day here that at dusk and dawn deer come and eat the grass in the back yard. This is pretty novel for an Australian. So I was intrigued.

The wee Leffe Blond. I was in the image 
of course, but  solo travellers 
generally go unseen.

Of course I kept looking out for them to no avail. My hosts, however, assured me that the deer had come. OK. Maybe it required more than a peek through the curtains every now and again.

So the new Sunday ritual began. Sit outside with the lights off, drink the Leffe Blonde, and wait.

Go for an hour long walk anyway. Just for the heck of it.

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