Friday, 23 December 2016

Chestnut mousse pudding

This is not a trusted recipe. Just sayin'.

If in doubt, head to the local 
and pick up this starter.
This is another thing you would do with some creative home cooking.

I really wanted a French favourite, creme de marron de l'Ardeche, but I had not been able to spot it in the supermarché.

Now that I've googled the name I should not have a problem finding it provided my accent doesn't get in the way. But failing on three attempts permitted me some creativity, I guess.

Anyway, now that I've bought plain pureed chestnuts I'm going to try for a sweet dish....

1/2 tin creamed chestnuts, about 200g.
1 equal weight of fromage frais, or créme fraîche, or white cheesey stuff that you prefer.
2 eggs
Sweeten as you prefer. I'm using my chestnut honey obtained in Gérardmer, France, at the local market.

You could do the old beat the whites till like snow. Beat the yolks with the sugar till light in colour.... and all that.

I don't. I drop the whole eggs into the dish and add the honey, starting with about 2T, and beat it till I'm satisfied,

I then add the pureed chestnuts, because I'm in France and only have a fork to do the mixing. The kitchen in the studio is great, but not too well equipped for creating. If you have mixers of any kind, the order doesn't really matter.

I then add a 1:1 mix of fromage frais and créme fraîche because I can. I'm in France.

Beat/fork it till you have achieved the consistency you want.

Refrigerate for 3 hours.

If it is too runny, turn it into a power smoothy by adding some collagen.

If you want something warm, bake it in the oven in a trough of water.

Eat after a long walk around the lake.

Cook and Standup Paddle Board? 
It was hitched to the back fence 
atop the canal.
I'm guessing it goes directly 
to the lake in Gérardmer.
Cook and walk and eat.

Lucky the baguette was a mini. Now I get
why my mum puts butter on like cheese.
She grew up in rural England

 where the butter
tastes like this French stuff. 


What? Not Smurfs?
Les Schtroumpfs.

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